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We are privately owned and operate under our own AFSL (Australian Financial Services Licence), which means we can provide you with real advice and focus on your financial goals.

Our core principles include providing you with the right advice, developing strong long term relationships in an advisory capacity in order to achieve good financial outcomes to both preserve and grow your wealth.

Our core offerings include:
We offer these services through:

About You


Your advice needs are unique. You want a personalised investment strategy designed to meet your lifestyle, to suit what you want to do today, not just tomorrow.

We can assist you and your family at every life stage. Why wait, our advice can start today.

We are proactive in addressing short term and long term goals. Got a question? We are here.

We would like to know more about you and your situation. Contact us and let us get to know you and your financial future.


Our Services


We tailor advice and consider your total lifestyle and financial situation before providing recommendations through Gamma Advisory. This advice can cover areas such as:

  • Asset & Wealth Protection
  • Estate Planning
  • Investment Planning & Structures
  • Personal & Business Risk Insurance
  • Portfolio & Asset Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Accumulation
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Gamma Asset Management provides clients with a discretionary portfolio management service. We have a dedicated investment committee with a proven track record of strong returns within a supportive environment. Gamma Asset Management is suitable for family offices, not-for-profit organisations, high net worth private investors, self-managed super funds and financial intermediaries seeking advice.

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The Super Fund Co. is your alternative to a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). It provides investors with the opportunity to have direct access to their super investments. It is suitable for those clients who are interested in receiving personalised advice for their super and future. We want to advise you appropriately along your journey to retirement and ensure that you are receiving the best possible advice at an affordable price.

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Our Team

Fraser Kahler

Fraser founded Gamma Wealth Group in February 2009. He had a desire to be independent of the large institutions, to be a full service advisory firm and to be client focussed. Fraser previously worked in advisory roles offering financial strategies and investment solutions with J B Were & Son. He then moved onto working with global companies Merrill Lynch Australia and Citi Smith Barney for well over a decade. He has a proven track record of supporting financial objectives and providing flexible investment options for his clients. Fraser sits on the investment committee and is a director of Gamma Advisory, Gamma Asset Management and The Super Fund Co. Fraser holds an Associate Diploma in Market Research, a Bachelor of Business and a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning from the Securities Institute of Australia. He is RG146 compliant and has obtained ASX Level 1 & 2 Derivatives Accreditation. Fraser also holds a Series 7 accreditation from the Securities Exchange Commission in the US.

-- 07 5665 3633   

Chris Pearce

Chris started his career in the City of London where he rose to become a senior foreign exchange dealer for a major Japanese bank trading both spot and forward currencies. This background has provided him with the experience to understand risk management and international markets. Chris emigrated to Australia 20 years ago where he has worked as a financial adviser for several national and international investment companies, before moving to Gamma Wealth Group at its inception in 2009. As well as providing advice on investments, Chris has used his extensive knowledge of Exchange Traded Options (ETO’s) to enhance income for suitable client portfolio’s. Chris is RG 146 compliant, has obtained ASX Level 1 and Level 2 accreditation.

-- 07 5665 3655   

Vanessa Edwards

Vanessa has worked in the financial services industry for over 10 years. In 2006 she became a Client Service Associate for Citi Smith Barney, this allowed her to gain valuable first-hand experience of working directly with a group of financial advisers in a fast-paced and professional environment. Vanessa moved to Gamma Wealth Group in 2009 as an Associate Adviser where she continued to increase her knowledge and experience within the industry. Vanessa later took up the role of office manager where she maintains an exceedingly functional office environment while providing administrative support directly to the advisers and their clients. Vanessa is RG146 compliant.

-- 07 5665 3613   

Quinn Gainey

Quinn has been with Gamma Wealth Group since 2022. He began as a client service associate, working closely with the advisory team in supporting both client and advisor needs. Since then, he has completed his professional requirements to be a licenced advisor, holding a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Financial Planning). Quinn has since transitioned to an investment advisor, where he now sits on the investment committee and advises clients. Quinn is RG146 compliant.

-- 07 5665 3644   

Gamma News

29 May 2024

Gamma Advisory

Pengana Global Private Credit Trust

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9 Feb 2024

Gamma Advisory

SHORTFALL OFFER Gryphon Capital Income Trust

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10 Jan 2024

Gamma Advisory

Control Bionics

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29 Nov 2023

Gamma Advisory

Metrics Master Income Trust

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Capital Raisings

Gamma Wealth Group and our clients had the opportunity to invest in the following recent new issues and capital raisings:

ISSUE SIZE $200 million
Pengana Global Private Credit Trust
29th May, 2024
ISSUE SIZE $300 million
Gryphon Capital Income Trust
9th February, 2024
ISSUE SIZE $8 million
Control Bionics
10th January, 2024
ISSUE SIZE $175 million
Metrics Master Income Trust
29th November, 2023
ISSUE SIZE $750 million
Westpac Capital Notes 10
20th November, 2023
ISSUE SIZE $75 million
Judo Capital Notes
23 October, 2023
ISSUE SIZE $4 billion
Federation Alternative Investments
22nd May, 2023
ISSUE SIZE $750 million
Commonwealth Bank PERLS XVI Capital Notes
16th May, 2023
ISSUE SIZE $400 million
Macquarie Group Capital Notes 6
1st July, 2022
ISSUE SIZE $1 billion
National Australia Bank Limited Capital Note 6
6th June, 2022
ISSUE SIZE $500 million
PIMCO Global Income Opportunities Trust
15th March, 2022
ISSUE SIZE $653 million
5th November, 2021
ISSUE SIZE $438 million
5th November, 2021
ISSUE SIZE $125 million
Latitude Group Holdings Capital Notes
2nd September, 2021
ISSUE SIZE $600 million
HealthCo Healthcare & Wellness REIT
27th July, 2021
ISSUE SIZE $225 million
24th May, 2021
ISSUE SIZE $93.4 million
Dealt Group
14th April, 2021
ISSUE SIZE $70 million
360 Capital Enhanced Income Fund
2nd December, 2020
ISSUE SIZE $600 million
MCP Master Income Trust
14th February, 2020
ISSUE SIZE $750 million
NB Global Corporate Income Trust
30th January, 2020
ISSUE SIZE $200 million
KKR Credit Income Fund
23rd October, 2019
ISSUE SIZE $100 million
Regal Funds Management - Emerging Companies Offer
12th July, 2019
ISSUE SIZE $108.03 million
Gryphon Capital Income Trust
2nd July, 2019
ISSUE SIZE $96 million
WCM Global Growth Limited
24th June, 2019
ISSUE SIZE $500 million
Regal Funds Management
17th June, 2019
ISSUE SIZE $500 million
NB Global Corporate Income Trust Entitlement Offer
14th June, 2019
ISSUE SIZE $300 million
MCP Income Opportunities Trust
28th February, 2019
ISSUE SIZE $750 million
NAB Capital Notes 3
12th February, 2019
ISSUE SIZE $500 million
NB Global Corporate Income Trust
31st August, 2018
ISSUE SIZE $300 million
Gryphon Capital Income Trust
20th March, 2018
ISSUE SIZE $500 million
L1 Long Short Fund Limited
28th February. 2018
ISSUE SIZE $250 million
Spheria Emerging Companies Limited
3rd November, 2017
ISSUE SIZE $500 million
MCP Master Income Trust
15th August, 2017
ISSUE SIZE $150 million
New IPO: Global Disruption Fund
7th July, 2017
ISSUE SIZE $154 million
WAM Micro Cap Limited
15th June, 2017
ISSUE SIZE $250 million
Suncorp Capital Notes
27th March, 2017
ISSUE SIZE $330 million
Plato Investment Management
Plato Income Maximiser
1st March, 2017
ISSUE SIZE $350 million
Challenger Capital Notes 2
28th February, 2017
ISSUE SIZE $1.45 billion
Commonwealth Bank
CBA Perls IX
20th February, 2017
ISSUE SIZE $400 million
IAG Capital Notes
21st November, 2016